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The Boylston Congregational Church traces its roots to the late nineteenth century.  It was the outgrowth of a Sunday School initiated by an earnest group of Christian laymen in May 1869.  The Sunday School was held in the old Boylston station of the Boston & Providence reilroad.  Property located on Danforth Street was donated and subsequently, a chapel was erected.  The Sunday School was supported in many ways by Central Congregational society in Jamaica Plain.

By 1877 the Sunday School had grown and regular meetings with preaching were added.  Rev. George W. Blagden, then pastor of the Old South Church preached the first sermon.  Rev. S. Sherberne Matthews took over the responsibility of preaching at the chapel and did so for almost eight years.

The Boylston Congregational society was formed with forty six charter members.  Thirty three were members came by way of letters of transfer from other churches and thirteen were received by confession of faith.  The church grew and it was not long before additional space was needed to accommodate the growing congregation.  Land located at the corner of Boylston Street and Amory Street was purchased to meet this need.  The corner stone of the present place of worship was laid on June 9, 1884.  The sanctuary was erected and a dedication service was held on June 24, 1885.

Rev. Matthews pastored until 1887.  Rev. Ellis Mendell took on the responsibility of pastoring and stayed fifteen years.  The church grew nder his ministry and leadership.Other ministers who ministered at Boylston Church: Rev. Herbert A. Barke, Rev. Ronald Grabke1988 - 2008, Rev. Deryck P. Mason, 2008 - present.

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