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This past year at Boylston Church, we were again challenged with the overwhelming task of keeping our historic building up and running.  A major project which faced us was the installation of a new floor in a room located in the basement of our church.  This room is the location for  our church's Thrift  Store.  The old wooden floor, subfloor and stringers which supported the flooring had to be demolished and removed.  When the old flooring was removed, it was discovered that the waters of the Stony Brook would regularly find its way through our foundation, settling under our flooring.  This resulted in the rotting of most of the support boards for our flooring.  It was decided that a concrete flooring would replace the wooden flooring and its support.  Fifty two tons of gravel was poured and compressed as a foundation to our new concrete flooring.  A drainage system was installed completed with a water pump which pushes any water that may accumulate below the present flooring  up and out of our building.   The concrete floor was completed with a rubber tile finish.

Additionally, the sill on the western side of the room was replaced as well as the walls and some supporting studs.  The footing for a column which helps to support the church hall above the Thrift Store was replaced.  We also replaced the footing and the stringers (support) for the present closet and the stairway leading to the church hall. The walls to one of the old closets were removed to create additional space for the store display area.  This section  is located  in one corner of the room has been fitted with a hanging globe light and built-in display shelves.  The ceiling to this area was also re-done.   Presently, the store has a floor area of approximately nine hundred square feet.

The room has also been re-wired with five additional electrical outlets installed.  The five ceiling fans with lights that have been installed not only serve in a utilitarian way, but also enhance the decor of the room.  In the penultimate stage of the project,  all of the walls, old and new were treated to a paint job.

The final phase will be to run gas pipes and install heating units in the Thrift Store room as well as in the hallway and the other two rooms on this side of our basement.  This project which will result in individualized controlled heating for each room will benefit us as we manage our heating cost for the building.  Unfortunately, at present the entire building is on one heating zone.

Heating pipes which run under the carpet flooring in the function hall located in the basement were leaking and had to be replaced.  This leakage had caused the boiler to malfunction a couple of times.  The beautiful red carpet had to be cut the entire width of the room in order for the broken pipes to be removed and replaced.  The carpet company which initially installed the carpet did a great job in cutting and then repairing the carpet after the plumbing job was completed.

The church is now fitted with two retractable video screens that have been mounted on the walls in the sanctuary at the front of the church (above the organ on the left and above the organ pipes on the right).  Two projectors have been installed in the balcony area with the capacity to project pictures, slides and movies unto the screens.  They are presently being used during our services and definitely enhance the worship experience of our parishioners.  In preparation for the projectors and with a view for further electrical demands, a sub-panel was installed in the room beside the balcony and new electrical wiring was run in this section of the building.

We are in the process of upgrading the lighting in the sanctuary and the main entrance area of the building.  The fixtures have been ordered and we are awaiting delivery.

We have accomplished a lot this year by improving our building to serve our members and the community around us.  However, we still are faced with the daunting task of:Repairing the roof above the side entrance room.Painting the exterior of the church.Replacing the gutters.

We are excited to see how the Lord will work to make these projects a reality.

OPEN EVERY SATURDAY 10:00 am to 3:00 p.m.

Boylston Church has a long history of serving our community by having Fairs and rummage sales two or three times a year.  At these events, folks are able to purchase quality goods (new and used) at a very resonable price.  The missions committee is launching a Thrift Store which will be open every Saturday. 

Thrift Store: clothing

The Missions Committee along with numerous volunteers have worked together to have the store open EVERY SATURDAY.

Thrift Store